7 Mouthwatering Cuisine in Ukraine

The most enjoyable part of traveling is getting to taste the local food available in your visited destination. In connection to that, Ukraine has ultimately a lot to offer in terms of its exotic food. A getaway to Ukraine is never regretful as you will surely drool over their delicious cuisines. You won’t just have the chance of meeting and dating single Ukraine women. Every region has its own specialties and thus, you will never get hungry. From its Borsch up to Ukraine’s Chicken Kiev, here are the 7 mouthwatering dishes you must try when visiting Ukraine:


  • Borsch

Borsch is a traditional Ukrainian soup which is known from all over the world. It is made up of potato, cabbage, carrot, onion and seldom meat. One of its main ingredients that makes the soup intensely red is a beetroot. Ordering borsch usually comes with sour cream and garlic buns to make the soup tastier. Your journey to the country won’t be completed without trying the tasty soup!


  • Vareniki

This dish is also a must-try! Vareniki is a kind of dumplings with variety of stuffing to make it more mouth-watering. It is made up of either mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, boiled forcemeat or sweet ones with cherries. You can choose whatever you want to suffice your taste buds. The aforementioned ingredients are the most popular and tastiest ones. The choice is up to you, so have the best out of it!

Ukrainian dumplings with cabbage, cheese and cherries

  • Salo

Salo is a combination of bacon and lard paired with homemade bread and a clove garlic. It is often served fresh which most foreigners find strange or unsavory to eat. However, if you can’t take a bite at it, you can at least try it in a form of mousses, which is whipped with herbs and spices. It is better that way for a first timer. This appetizer, Salo, is usually served in traditional Ukrainian restaurants.

Sliced pork  with garlic and spices on the table

  • Holubtsi

This dish, though not that easy to cook, is very popular in Ukraine. Holubtsi means “little pigeons”. If you want to know how it’s done, here it is. First, you have to prepare all its stuffing– a mixture of rice, onion, carrot and forcemeat. Secondly, use a boiled cabbage, lettuce or spinach leaves to wrap it. When it is done, simmer the holubtsi into a tomato sauce for about an hour. This one is very tasty and can be found in any restaurants in Ukraine.


  • Deruny

This dish is very popular too because aside from the fact that it is delicious, it is so easy to prepare. Deruny is just a thin potato pancake served with sour cream. These thin potato pancakes may be filled with mushrooms or meat to make it more tender and tasty. Get to taste this dish when you travel to Ukraine!


  • Fruit-Based Ribs

Ukrainian restaurants have a very unique twist on simple ribs. Instead of grilling and rubbing them with barbeque sauce and spices, Ukraine people are accustomed to bake them and use fruit bases for a taste. The picture of fruit-based ribs above has a sort of raspberry flavor. There are actually different flavors of the said dish. You won’t find these types of ribs anywhere, so give them a chance of trying when you visit Ukraine.

unnamed (1)

  • Chicken Kiev

This dish is of French origin, but try it with a Ukrainian style. Surely, you will get to enjoy this juicy chicken roll that is stuffed with garlic butter and a mixture of parsley and different spices. It is breaded and fried for a more mouthwatering look. When you eat one, make sure to cut it carefully, so you won’t burn yourself with the hot butter. This is a an intensely-savory dish!


You ought to taste all these Ukrainian cuisines as their flavors are one of a kind. With that being said, pay a visit to Ukraine now to try their succulent dishes and to meet your potential bride among Ukraine women. What are you waiting for?


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